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Jar Exchange

How do I exchange my glass with my next drink?

When you return, bring your glass jar set (glass, lid and koozie). Let the barista know you will be exchanging glass and drop the glass part of the set into the bus bin while holding onto your lid and koozie. You will not be charged the deposit, and

How do I get my deposit back?

If at any time you simply wish to get your $1.50 deposit back, you will have to return your full jar set. A full set includes glass, lid and koozie. Simply hop in line and let the barista know you'd like to return your set, drop all three parts in th

What if I have multiple jars to return?

You can bring in any number of full sets at any time to any of our locations to receive a full refund for all of the deposits! So if you have 4 full jar sets stashed at home, you’ll get 4 x $1.50 when you bring them back. Just make sure you keep the

What if I forget my jar next time?

No worries if you forget- it’s a brand new habit so it’ll take getting used to. Anytime you come without a jar to exchange, you will be charged the $1.50 for the full set. Keep in mind all full sets are refundable. See above for returns and exchanges

What if I lose my lid or koozie?

We sell all parts of the set individually, so you can replace any part at any time.

Do I have to clean it myself before returning / exchanging?

It doesn’t have to be spotless, since we do wash and sanitize every jar that gets returned, but we do ask that you at least rinse out old coffee and residue before returning it. We will not be accepting dirty jars with old drinks or mold in them.

How is this safe with COVID regulations in place?

To keep you and our team safe, we are ensuring that NO dirty jars are in the bar area. Instead, we collect, rinse, wash, and sanitize all returned jars, lids and koozies before re-enter circulation. Every drink gets a sanitized jar, every time!